Changing your Vodafone number

This support article will give you key information about changing your current Vodafone mobile number to a new Vodafone number.

How to change to a new number.

The best way to change to a new mobile number is by calling on 1555 from your Vodafone phone or 1300 650 410 from any phone.

There's a one-off charge of $19.95 to change to a new number.

We’re are unable issue numbers that are currently in use or quarantined.

If you're changing your number due to unwelcome calls or text messages, check out our unwelcome communications policy.

Silver and gold numbers.

We can arrange a special silver or gold number for you.

To get a silver number, an additional one-off charge of $55 applies.

These are the types of silver numbers available.

Number Examples
Last five digits are a triple and a double. 04XX X11 133 04XX X33 111
First seven digits contain a triple and a double. 04XX 447 77X 0477 X44 4XX
Two doubles at the start or end. 04X4 488 XXX 04XX XX4 488
Four repeated digits in the middle. 04XX X66 66X 04XX 666 6XX
Triple at the beginning or end. 04X7 77X XXX 04XX XXX 777

To get a gold number, an additional one-off charge of $275 applies.

These are the types of gold numbers available.

Number Examples
Two triplets in consecutive order. 04XX 123 123 04X9 879 87X
Three general pairs. 04XX 575 757 0475 757 5XX
Three sets of consecutive pairs. 04XX 118 877 04X7 799 88X
Two triplets in consecutive order. 04XX 328 328 04X8 238 23X
Any five repeat digits. 04XX X44 444 04XX 777 77X
Any four repeat digits. 04XX XX5 555 04X5 555 XXX
A single, double and triple consecutive for last six digits. 04XX 122 333 04XX 566 777
Two digits forming consecutively for last six digits. 04XX 414 243 04XX 464 748
Three pairs and two repeating digits consecutively for last six digits. 04XX 223 344 04XX 776 655


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