Manage data usage on your phone

Keep an eye on your usage

The best way to keep on top of your data usage is online using the My Vodafone app (iOS and Android) or at

Check data usage

For more help checking data usage through My Vodafone, check out our support page. If you’re on a monthly billed plan, make sure you’re also set up for Vodafone Alerts so you’re notified when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your included data.

Find out what's using your data

If you’re using more mobile data that you'd like, it’s helpful to know what apps or features are using the most. Then you can look to change the way you use them or how they're set up.

Most phones have an inbuilt data monitor to provide useful insights about your data consumption. Check out our support pages for AndroidiPhone (iOS) and Windows Phone devices for help using them.

Tips to keep your usage down

Reducing your data usage might be as simple as changing some phone or app settings. Check out these guides for some handy tips.

Check phone settings

The way your phone is set up can contribute to additional data usage too so run through this list for some things to check.


Connect to a Wi-Fi network

If there's a Wi-Fi network available where you are, connect to it to save your mobile data for when you’re out and about. For help connecting your phone to Wi-Fi, check out our device guides.

Just be aware that your phone may quietly switch back to mobile data if you slip out of range, or the signal is interrupted. Watch out for it by keeping an eye on your phone's status bar to see which network you're connected to.

Switch off Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone running iOS 9 or later, you may also find it switches from Wi-Fi to mobile data more frequently with Wi-Fi Assist on. For help switching it off, check out our support page.

Background data

Even when you’re not actively using your phone, it may still be using data in the background. Here are some things to look out for.

Auto backup or file transfers to services

For services like iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive, look for settings which will:

  • Only use WiFi
  • Change the frequency of updates
  • Let you specify the content you want to backup or transfer

Software updates

They're often huge so save them for Wi-Fi.

App updates

Switch off automatic app updates, and choose to use Wi-Fi only to download them.


Reduce the frequency your phone checks your email, and check whether there's an option to restrict attachment download.

Hotspots and tethering

If you're sharing your phone's data connection with other devices, those devices might be using more data than your realise. Eg. a laptop tethered to your phone might download a large system update while it's connected.

We’ve got some data management tips for mobile broadband, or consider getting a Pocket WiFi for a dedicated mobile data connection.

Check app settings

Many apps have settings that can be configured to help reduce the amount you’re using. Here are a few popular apps with data saving features.


If videos in your news feed automatically play as you scroll though, you can switch this feature off or limit it to Wi-Fi only to help conserve your mobile data.


Use Instagram's Use Less Data feature to stop videos preloading when using mobile data.


Use Snapchat's Travel Mode to help conserve data.


Save data by changing your quality setting when using a mobile network.

Google Chrome (Android only)

If you browse the internet through Google Chrome on an Android device, check out the Data Saver feature.

Video, audio and live streaming

Here are some tips for using these streaming services:

If you're using an alternate streaming service, check whether there's a quality or mobile data restriction setting you can adjust.

They can really chew through your data quite quickly, so keep an eye on how you're going if you're using them frequently.


Switch off data

If there are times when you don’t want to be using mobile data, you may want to temporarily switch it off. However, be aware that this may stop you from receiving app notifications and updates unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Through your phone's settings

You can switch off your phone's mobile data access in its settings, check our support page for help.

Some devices also allow you to restrict or switch off mobile data access for certain apps or features. Check out our support pages for AndroidiPhone (iOS) and Windows Phone devices for more info.

Data Control in My Vodafone

If you’re sharing your plan’s data, you can also remotely switch data off or on for any users in your sharing group by using the Data Control feature in My Vodafone.


Get more data

On most monthly billed plans, if you use up all your data we'll send you an alert and automatically add an extra 1GB for $10 to keep you going until the end of your billing cycle. Visit our support page for details.

If you need more data ongoing, changing plans or getting a Data Add-on might be a better solution. Check out ‘How do I get more data?’ for options.

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