Bill explainer

Need a copy of your bill?

You can download copies of your recent invoices online using My Vodafone.

Download your bill online


We understand that getting to know your first bill can take some time. To simplify things for you, we’ve put together these tips for you.

Open the section that’s relevant to you, and select the red dots for more info.

Email Bill

Email billing is free, convenient and better for the environment. So why not sign up today and avoid the $2.20 (inc GST) monthly paper bill charge? To sign up, head to

We'll email you within 24 hours when you sign up. You'll then need to confirm your details by clicking the link provided, to ensure you don't continue to receive and be charged for a paper bill.

If we cannot send your bill by email, we will send you a TXT message asking you to confirm and update your details.


Account Summary

This first page gives you all the information about your account, how much is due, when and how to pay.


Bill Summary




Usage details

This section shows details of your usage. If you have a ‘Summary Bill’ only chargeable items will be shown here, where as all items (including items included in your plan) will be shown for a ‘Detailed Bill’.



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