Transferring your mobile number to Vodafone

When you connect with us, you have the option to transfer, or ‘port’, your existing number to your new Vodafone service.

There’s no need to disconnect your service with your current provider (in fact, to port your number, you must have an active account with your old telco). Just let us know you want to transfer your number and we'll take care of the rest.

Transferring to prepaid

  1. Purchase a prepaid starter pack, or prepaid phone with starter pack. You can buy them through our online store or a Vodafone store or dealer
  2. Register your prepaid starter pack online or over the phone using your new prepaid Vodafone SIM
  3. During the registration process you'll be given the option to keep your existing phone number
  4. We’ll then arrange the transfer with your existing provider (when we transfer your number, it automatically closes your old account - unless you have other numbers on that account)

Transferring to a plan (billed monthly)

  1. Arrange a connection through our online store, over the phone or through a Vodafone store or dealer
  2. If you’re connecting through a store or dealer, let the agent know and they’ll arrange the number transfer for you
  3. If you’re ordering online or over the phone, you can arrange the transfer by calling us on 1300 101 606 once you’ve got your new SIM and phone

How long does it take?

Transfers are usually completed within 24 hours. Porting operates:

  • Monday to Friday: 08:00 to 20:00 AEST/AEDT
  • Saturdays: 10:00 to 18:00 AEST/AEDT
  • Sundays and selected public holidays: Not available

Porting is a complicated process, and delays can occur. See the frequently asked questions below for more detail on what to expect.

What it costs

There is no fee to transfer your existing number to us, but other charges may result from the disconnection of your service with your current provider:

  • Contract 'early exit' fees may apply if you're within a commitment period
  • Unlocking fees may apply if you want to use your existing locked phone with us
  • If you're prepaid, your credit balance won't follow you

To check whether any charges apply to transfer your phone number to us, please contact your current provider (but remember not to disconnect if you want to transfer your number to Vodafone).

Important info

  • Do not disconnect your service with your old provider. If the number you are transferring to us is the only service you have with them, it will automatically be cancelled when we transfer your number
  • The name on your account with your old provider must be the same name used to open your Vodafone account. To transfer a service that is registered in another person’s name, you first need to arrange for a change of ownership
  • If your existing number is on a monthly billed account, you need to provide the account number for your service (usually found on your bill)

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I Port to Vodafone?

This diagram provides an overview of what you will experience when Porting to Vodafone.


Contact Vodafone to start your new service and request to port your Phone number. Visit us online, in a store or call us on 1300 650 410 (free call from a Vodafone SIM)



You will receive a new Vodafone SIM for your phone.



Your previous service is still active.

Do not disconnect the service with the number you want to port; this will disconnect automatically at the time of your port.



Vodafone will usually process your port within 24 hours.

We need to validate your details with your previous service provider. If we have any problems we will contact by you TXT message on your existing mobile number, Please keep your phone turned on.



When you no longer have phone reception on your previous service your port should be complete.




Insert your Vodafone SIM in to your phone and turn it on.

Your mobile number has now been transferred.

Apple iPhone must sync with iTunes.



We will send you a confirmation SMS to your Vodafone service.

What do I need to do to Port my number to Vodafone?

To Port your number to Vodafone you will need to:

  1. have a Vodafone SIM that is set up on the Vodafone Network. You can get one by visiting a Vodafone store, online at, or at one of our many dealer and partner stores;
  2. provide Customer Authorisation*;
  3. tell us your existing account number and/or your date of birth*; and
  4. ensure that your current service is not disconnected. Your current service must be active to allow a Port to commence. Disconnection of your current service with your existing provider will happen when the number is Ported to Vodafone.

The request to Port your number is usually performed when you set up your Vodafone service. If you need help please call us on 1555 (free from your Vodafone mobile) or 1300 650 410. Please note: 1300 650 410 is free from Vodafone mobiles; but normal call charges will apply if called from non-Vodafone mobiles.

*See details below in "What is the Customer Authorisation?" and "Why do I have to tell you my account number and/or date of birth?".

What is the Customer Authorisation?

Before a number can be Ported to Vodafone, there is a requirement that we obtain a Customer Authorisation (CA) from the Rights of Use (ROU Holder).

The person that is currently named as the account holder with the current service provider is the ROU Holder and only they can complete a Customer Authorisation form and sign or verbally authorise a Port.

Generally, you are the ROU Holder:

  • (of a Postpaid service) if you are the person with a contractual relationship with the service provider and to whom the service provider issued the mobile number. Usually this will mean your name appears on the telephone account;
  • (of a prepaid service) if you are the person registered with the current service provider and to whom the service provider issued the mobile number.

Note: If you are the end user of a service, but do not pay for the service, you are generally not the account holder and therefore not the ROU Holder and therefore unable to authorise a Port.

The CA form also contains important terms and conditions which the ROU Holder must agree to before the number Port can take place.

A CA form is valid for 30 days from the date that it is authorised. If for some reason the Port is not completed within 30 days a new CA form must be completed and authorised.

Why do I have to tell you my account number and/or date of birth?

Vodafone is required to verify that you are the ROU Holder before we carry out a Port. As such, we need to collect information such as:

  • (for Postpaid service) your existing account number with your existing service provider;
  • (for prepaid service) an account number and/or date of birth*.

This information is used to validate your details with your current service provider. If it is not supplied or you supply incorrect information it will delay the Port process and may mean we cannot Port your number.

Where a date of birth is used as proof that you are the ROU Holder your date of birth must match the date of birth held by your existing service provider.

*For prepaid services, the information required can vary depending upon your current service provider. Vodafone will provide guidance on what information is required for your specific service provider.

What if I’m not the Rights of Use Holder?

Where you are not the ROU Holder, you must have the ROU Holder’s permission to transfer the service to you. We recommend that the ROU Holder complete the Port; then Vodafone will assist you and the ROU Holder through our change of ownership process (also known as the “Transfer of Title” process).

Can I use my existing SIM when I Port to Vodafone?

No. The SIM is linked to the service provider that it came from. You must have a Vodafone SIM to join the Vodafone Network.

You won’t need your existing SIM once you Port to the Vodafone Network, but don’t discard it until your Port is complete and you have transferred all your SIM contacts and other items in the SIM memory to your Vodafone SIM.

Will messages that have been received and stored on my existing SIM be Ported with my number?

No. SMS messages that are stored on your current service provider’s SIM won’t be transferred to your new SIM when your number is Ported. You may be able to back up your messages to your computer, check your mobile device manual for more information.

Will my existing voicemail messages be Ported with my number?

No. Voicemail messages are stored with your current service provider (and often only for a very limited time). Voicemail messages with your current provider will not be transferred to Vodafone when your number is Ported. Don’t forget to set up your voicemail service with Vodafone to receive voicemail with your new service.

Will my contacts and phone numbers be transferred when I Port my number?

No. Contacts may be stored on your phone or on the SIM. Any contacts stored in your existing SIM must be saved to your phone or computer to ensure you still have access to those contacts when using your new Vodafone SIM.

I am a Prepaid Customer with my current service provider. Will I lose my remaining credit if I Port?

Yes. We recommend that you use up your remaining prepaid credit before starting the mobile number transfer process.

How do I know when my Port is complete?

Once you have completed the Customer Authorisation process, Vodafone will validate with your current provider the information you have provided and will start coordinating Porting activities with other service providers. If everything is at hand and there are no technical outages or delays, you will lose service and at this point in time, you will need to remove your current SIM from your device and replace it with your new Vodafone SIM. You will then need to turn on your device with your new Vodafone SIM to initiate connection to the Vodafone Network.

Once you receive network coverage/signal, you can set up voicemail (for mobile phones) and start using Vodafone services. If you do not get coverage/signal, please reinitiate in 10 minutes time by turning your mobile phone off then on again.

How long should I expect my Port to take?

Under normal circumstances, where all information provided is correct and matches the information stored with your previous provider, your Port into Vodafone should be effective within approximately 24 business hours from the time the Port is initiated within the Mobile Number Portability environment. Customers submitting a request to Port to Vodafone Prepay via our online service should note that these requests are processed the following day, excluding Sundays. (Please see below for our Porting hours)

Please understand that Ports rely on the networks of other mobile service providers over which Vodafone has no control. We will try to implement a Port as soon as practicable but other service providers and their systems may cause delays in this process. We are not liable for any delays in the Porting process.

Vodafone will use our best endeavours to keep you informed via SMS when severe delays are affecting your Port request.

When is Porting available?

The Standard Hours of Operation for Ports are Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 AEST, and Saturdays from 10:00 to 18:00 AEST. Porting is NOT available on the following days:

  • Sundays
  • New Year’s Day
  • Australia Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday
  • ANZAC Day
  • Christmas Day

For all other Public Holidays, Porting may be reduced to Saturday hours.

Can I Port my mobile number if I am still under contract with my current service provider?

Yes you can Port your number while still under contract with your current service provider. However, you may have obligations under your existing contract and it is likely that there will be consequences if you terminate it early. For example, you may be liable to pay your existing service provider early termination fees and handset repayment fees if you terminate your agreement during a fixed contract term. It is important that you first check with your current service provider before Porting your number to Vodafone.

Are there any charges for Porting?

Vodafone does not charge any Porting fees. However, your current service provider may charge transfer fees and/or contract termination fees. It is important to first check before Porting.

I use my phone for international SMS frequently. Will international SMS I receive from overseas be diverted to my new SIM?

Usually, yes. International SMS is based on roaming agreements and Vodafone as the world’s largest global network has international roaming agreements in most countries. However, it is likely that Vodafone and your previous provider have different roaming agreements with suppliers in different countries which may prevent you from receiving your international SMS messages.

If this is a concern you should check with us before initiating a Port into Vodafone. You can find information for Vodafone’s existing roaming agreements here:

In cases where it does not work you may need to take a new Vodafone mobile number to send/receive international SMS.

How do I Port my Vodafone number to another service provider?

If you wish to Port your Vodafone mobile number to another service provider, you will need to contact the service provider you would like to connect with, who will then arrange the Port.

Please note that you will be responsible for all charges you have incurred in using Vodafone services up until the date the Port takes effect, including any applicable early contract termination payments and handset related payments if you Port while within your commitment period.

Bringing a device with you to the Vodafone network

If you intend to use an existing device on the Vodafone network and the device was provided by another service provider, you will need to find out if it is network and/ or SIM locked to them and obtain instructions regarding how to unlock your device. Unlocking fees may apply. Please speak to your service provider for more details.

You should also check that the device will operate on the Vodafone network.

Taking a Vodafone provided device to another suppliers' network

Your mobile device may be locked to the Vodafone Network. To be able to use a locked mobile device on another telecommunications network, you must unlock the device. Unlocking charges may apply.

For devices supplied by Vodafone, unlock instructions and the unlock code will be accessible through the Vodafone website or through Customer Care.

You should also check that the device will operate on the other supplier’s network.

Important additional notes

  • We recommend you back up all data from your SIM and your phone prior to Porting your number. Your personal phone book numbers and other data are stored in your SIM or your mobile phone. These can be transferred to your mobile phone using the phone memory menu then accessed from the mobile phone once the new Vodafone SIM is inserted. Alternatively, visit a Vodafone store and staff can transfer phone book data from one SIM to another SIM through the SIM Manager tool
  • If you are using an iPhone, after the Port has completed, you will need to insert your new Vodafone SIM in your iPhone and then sync with iTunes. You may not be able to make/receive calls until you have done this
  • You can check the Vodafone Network Coverage checker at to obtain information about the estimated coverage you can expect to receive at the nominated locations
  • You must not be travelling overseas when requesting your Port. If you are overseas you will not be able to roam on your new service
  • If your Port request is not successful within 30 days of you providing the authority to Port (the Customer Authorisation Form), we will need you to complete another Customer Authorisation form. If we are unable to reach you after numerous attempts, we will issue you with a new mobile number for your service

How can I check on an existing Port request?

Please contact the Vodafone MNP Operations Team on 1300 130 741. Please note that the Vodafone MNP Operations Team is available during Standard Hours of Porting only.

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