How to recharge or top up your prepaid service

The quickest way to recharge your prepaid phone or mobile broadband service is online via Express Recharge - click the button to recharge now:

Recharge now

Other ways to recharge

Credit or debit card

Do a one-off recharge with a VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit/debit card or use a registered card. You can use your card to recharge via these channels.

For help recharging with a credit or debit card, see our support page.

Note: MyMix recharges and My Credit top ups can’t be selected over the phone. You can recharge MyMix or top up your My Credit online or by TXT.


With PayPal you can use your bank account, PayPal account balance or credit/debit card to recharge your prepaid service. You can recharge with PayPal via these channels.

For help recharging with PayPal, see our support page.

Recharge voucher

You can buy a recharge voucher from over 20,000 outlets across Australia including supermarkets, newsagents, service stations, convenience stores and Vodafone stores. Once you’ve got a voucher, you can redeem it these ways:

For help recharging with a voucher, see our support page.

Note: If you’ve bought a recharge voucher for MyMix or to top up your My Credit, you’ll need to redeem it online.

Vodafone store

Head into your nearest Vodafone store and instantly recharge your service.


More info

  • To keep your number active, you’ll need to recharge your prepaid account regularly. Check out our support page for more info.
  • If you're recharging a prepaid mobile broadband service and don't know its number, check our support page for help

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