I’m not getting coverage

Whether you’re getting poor coverage, no coverage, or your device is displaying emergency calls only, no service or SOS, these troubleshooting steps should help you find out what’s causing the problem.

Try these things first

Restart your phone

Switch your device off and back on to refresh your network connection. This fixes a surprising number of problems.

Check coverage

Use the Coverage Checker to make sure you’re in a Vodafone coverage area. The Coverage Checker will also indicate if the signal there is strong enough for indoor and outdoor usage, or outdoor usage only.

Check for outages

Check the Network Status page to see if there are any known network issues that might be causing the problem.

Airplane mode

Make sure your device isn’t in airplane/flight mode. If you’re not sure how to check or switch it off, you’ll find instructions for a heap of different devices in our interactive user guides.

Check your SIM card

Make sure that your device’s SIM card is properly inserted. If you’re not sure how to check, try our interactive user guides for instructions.

Other things to check

Environmental factors

Is the coverage any better in another part of the building or location where you are?

Just like your TV or radio, there are things that can affect the strength of the signal you receive, such as:

  • Your distance from a mobile tower (base station)
  • Things that may be obstructing the signal from the tower such as nearby buildings, hills, trees and even weather conditions
  • If you’re indoors, the type of building you’re in and your location within it. E.g. thick concrete walls and tin roofs are known to reduce coverage, while being inside an elevator or basement won’t help either. If you need to be inside, a spot that’s close to a window will likely give you the most bars

Network selection

Check that your phone is set to automatically select a network.

Network mode

Check that your device’s network mode is set to automatic.

If you’ve got a 4G device, are in a 4G coverage area but are only able to connect to 3G or 2G signal, make sure that you’ve got 4G switched on too.

Try your SIM in another phone

If you’ve got another phone that can take the same size SIM card you’re using, this is a good way to test if the problem is with your phone or the SIM.
If your SIM card doesn't get coverage in both, it might need replacing. If it fixes the issue, your phone might not be compatible with our network in that area or it may be faulty.

Device compatibility

Not all devices are compatible with every part of our network, so the model you’re using can limit the coverage available to you.

To see where you should be able to get coverage with yours, enter the model in the ‘What's your device’ box when using the Coverage Checker. For more info on network compatibility, see our support page.

Next steps

If you've checked everything above and are still having trouble with your service, get in touch. If you’re able to provide the following, it’ll help us investigate:
  • Your device model
  • The street address/es where the problem is happening
  • The time and date the issue first started (state if it’s AM/PM, and to the closest minute if you can)
  • Do you know of any other Vodafone users that are experiencing the same problem in your area?
  • Any other information that you think could be helpful


Extra info

  • Coverage bars on phones aren’t always a true indication of the quality of the signal you’re receiving as the methods used to determine signal strength can vary between different phone models. Eg. two bars of coverage might be the equivalent of three on another phone
  • When you’re outside of Vodafone coverage, some phones will still display coverage bars if another provider services the area. You’ll be able to use their network for emergency calls only



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