Why do calls sometimes drop?

If you’re having trouble with dropped calls, run through the guide below for a list of things to check or try.

Common causes

Loss of coverage

The most common causes of dropped calls are the phone losing coverage or having insufficient signal to maintain the connection. This often happens when you’re travelling as you move from a covered area to a location where there’s poor or no signal.

Dropped calls happen when you’re not moving too as things that physically obstruct the signal (eg. buildings, hills, weather conditions) can result in insufficient coverage to stay connected. If you’ve got limited coverage where you are, try finding a location where there’s better signal to see if this helps.

You can also use our Coverage Checker to get an estimate of the signal strength in the area where the dropped calls are happening.

Network issues

Check the Network Status page to see if we’re aware of any network issues, updates or maintenance that might be causing the dropped calls.

Device issues

Issues with your phone’s software, hardware or SIM card can affect its ability to stay connected to calls. Here are some things you can try:

  • Switch your phone off and back on – this’ll refresh your phone’s connection to the network
  • Make sure your SIM card is correctly inserted
  • If you’ve got another phone to use, try your SIM card in it. If the dropped calls stop, it’s a good indication that the issue is device related
  • Check it there’s a software update available for your phone. Software updates often contain bug fixes for performance issues so installing the latest update may help
  • If no software update is available, you may find that backing it up and restoring it to factory settings improves its performance. You’ll find instructions to restore factory settings on many phones in our interactive user guides

The other caller

All of the above issues can happen to the person you’re talking to so the issue might be with their phone/service and not yours. If it’s happening a lot when speaking to the same person, get them to check their service.

Next steps

If you've checked everything above but still need some help with your service, get in touch. If you’re able to provide the following, it’ll help us investigate:

  • Your device model
  • The street address/es where the problem is happening
  • The time and date the issue first started (state if it’s AM/PM, and to the closest minute if you can)
  • Do you know of any other Vodafone users that are experiencing the same problem in your area?
  • Any other information that you think could be helpful

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