Loan phones

This support article will give you key information about getting a loan phone to keep you going while your device is in for repair.

How to get a loan phone.

The best way to get a loan phone while your device is being repaired is to head in store. Loan phone availability will vary from store to store, so we can’t guarantee a loan phone will be available, but we'll do our best to provide one that suits your needs.

You may also be able swap selected devices for an identical refurbished device through participating stores.

What does a loan phone cost?

When you get a loan phone, a deposit will apply that can be paid by EFTPOS or credit card. The deposit will be refunded to the same EFTPOS or credit card on the return of the working loan phone and accessories.

Most stores will have the choice of a premium or basic loan device.

Device type Deposit
Premium $200
Basic $50


Some stores may not require a deposit, but a charge of $150 will apply if the device is damaged or not returned. A $29.95 charge also applies for damaged or lost accessories.

What do I get with my loan phone?

You will get a loan phone, including battery, and charger. Your repaired device will be held until you return your loan phone and charger.

Can I get a loan phone if I’m on a prepaid recharge?

No. Loan phones are only available to customers on plans.



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