Loan phones and repairs

Keeping you connected

Need a loan phone to keep in touch while we're getting yours fixed? We should be able to help you out.

Many of our stores have loan phones available to keep you going while your device is in for repair. Select stores are even able to swap selected models on the spot for warranty repairs (find out more).

What does it cost?

At stores where premium and basic devices are available for loan, a deposit will apply which can be paid by EFTPOS or credit card. The deposit will be refunded to the same EFTPOS or credit card on the return of the working loan phone and accessories.

Device type Deposit
Premium $200
Basic $50

Other stores may not require a deposit, but a charge will apply if the device is damaged or not returned ($150 for the phone and $29.95 for any accessories).

What you'll get with your loan phone

When picking up a loan phone, you'll receive:
  1. The phone, including the battery
  2. A charger

Things to do before you come in

  1. Make sure you've got your phone backed up if you're able to.  Think about your contacts, photos, music, videos and email in particular. Check out our interactive user guides if you need instructions
  2. If you're using an Apple device, like an iPhone or iPad, you'll need to remove Find My iPhone. Don't worry if your phone's not working, you can do it from any computer with internet access. Follow this guide
  3. Hang on to your SIM and memory cards. We won't need them unless they're related to the fault (a stuck SIM card for example)

Important information

  • We're not able to guarantee a loan phone will be available, availability may vary from store to store
  • We don't have every model of phone available for loan, but we'll do our best to make sure it's one that suits your needs
  • Loan phones are not available to prepaid customers
  • Your repaired device will be held until the return of your loan phone and charger


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