Vodafone repair warranty

Enjoy peace of mind when you purchase a new mobile or modem from Vodafone.

With Vodafone's repair warranty you are provided with free protection from the cost of repairing a defective* device for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Who's eligible?

This warranty offer applies to new Alcatel, Apple, Nokia, Sony, BlackBerry, LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Huawei devices purchased from Vodafone on:

  • 24-months plans
  • 12-month plans
  • Month-by-Month plans
  • Prepaid

What does Vodafone's Repair Warranty cover me for?

Vodafone will repair devices which are found by Vodafone to be defective* during the two year warranty period. Repair means: the restoration of a broken, Damaged, or failed device, or part, to an acceptable operating or usable condition or state (using parts of a like kind and quality).

You can make more than one claim for the same device during the Warranty Period.

The Vodafone warranty covers your device for two years (even if you've since upgraded to another device with us). If you leave Vodafone, you'll no longer eligible to make a claim under the Vodafone warranty. You may still be covered by your manufacturer's warranty, so contact the manufacturer to check what's covered.

*Defective means: during ordinary use, the device ceases to operate or function as set out in the relevant product manual or specifications, due to a defect in materials, design or workmanship but does not include physical damage or liquid ingress.


A device that has broken down or is Damaged as a result of:
  • Abuse or tampering
  • Electrical damage, moisture, dampness, oxidation, corrosion or food, dirt or liquid ingress
  • Accident, neglect, impact, actual or attempted theft, fire, power outages or surges, or incorrect voltage
  • Transportation or packaging
  • Removable batteries or damage caused by battery leakage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Unauthorised modifications including unauthorised third-party repairs
  • Misuse of the devices or failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions

The Vodafone Repair Warranty only applies to the device itself. It does not cover accessories included with the device, which are covered by the manufacturer's limited warranty.

The Vodafone repair warranty excludes customers who have disconnected from the Vodafone Network.  If you've disconnected, please consult with the manufacturer of your device for information about the manufacturer's warranty conditions.

Getting your device repaired


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