Getting started with Vodafone Prepaid

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Get connected!

Get yourself a Prepaid Starter pack to get connected to Vodafone Prepaid. You can purchase one online or in store.

Once you’ve got a pack, you’ll need to activate your SIM to use it. You’ll need to have the starter pack with you, and accepted ID.

If you’re transferring an existing phone number across, we’ll help you with that during the registration too.

Data & MMS

Get set up

Once your SIM is up and running, you can set up everything the way you want it:

Transfer contacts

Managing your prepaid service

Recharging your account

You can recharge your account with a voucher, credit card, or from a Paypal account. Make sure you make your first recharge within 90 days of activation.

Checking your balance, expiry date, and more

You can check your balance and expiry date at any time through My Vodafone online, or by calling/TXTing 1512 from your phone.

My Vodafone

Need anything else?

Our support site is here to help! Ask us a question online.

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