Getting started with Vodafone Prepaid

Getting started on prepaid

Ways to recharge your service.

It’s easy to recharge your service. Save your credit card via My Vodafone or call 1511.



To use a voucher, TXT your recharge PIN to 1511. To use your saved credit card, TXT the recharge keyword to 1511. Access our online Express recharge service to use a voucher, a credit card or Paypal.


In Store

Call 1511 to use a voucher or your saved credit card. Visit your nearest store.




Track your balance and usage.

We’ll send you TXT alerts when you’re low on credit.




Log in to My Vodafone. TXT ‘Bal’ to 1511. Call 1512.





Personalise your recharge with Add-ons.

A Prepaid Add-on loads up your service with more of what you love. Add extra data, national talk or international talk.

Data Add-ons

National Talk Add-ons

International Talk Add-ons

Surf the web even more Stay in touch even more with local friends and family. Talk for longer to friends and family overseas.





Set up your voicemail.

Call 121 to set up your voicemail and to listen to your messages.

TXT Alert

Ring Alert

Visual Voicemail

You’ll receive a TXT when there’s a new voicemail message. Call 1218 to activate TXT alert. You’ll be automatically called when there’s a new voicemail message. Call 1219 to activate ring alert. iPhone only – you can manage your messages from your phone. Call 1217 to activate visual voicemail.






Need anything else?

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