How much is my bill and when is it due?

The easiest way to find out how much is owing on your bill and when it's due is by visiting the ‘Pay my bill’ page through the My Vodafone app (iOS and Android), or at

Get account balance

Help with My Vodafone

  1. Click the button above, or log into your account through the My Vodafone app or at
  2. Click 'Bills & Payments', and then select 'Pay my bill'. (If you’re using the My Vodafone app or your phone’s web browser, tap the menu button  in the top corner of the page and then tap ‘Bills & Payments’)
  3. If requested, enter your 4 digit account PIN.
  4. If there’s an amount due, you’ll see it in the ‘Total to pay’ section with the due date below it.


There are a few other ways to get your account balance and due date too:


  1. Call 1527 from your Vodafone mobile, or 1300 650 145 from a landline
  2. Follow the prompts to retrieve the amount owing on your bill

Note: you'll need to know your 4 digit account enquiry PIN to retrieve your balance over the phone.

Email bill

If you’ve signed up for email bill, the email bill we send you will show the balance owing and due date.

Due date on email bill


More info

If you’ve recently made a payment it may not be reflected in your account balance. Check out ‘Payment processing times’ for more info

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