How to get your PUK code

You’ll be asked for your PUK if you enter your PIN 3 times incorrectly. You can get your PUK code from My Vodafone:

Get your PUK code

Get your PUK code from My Vodafone

  1. Click the button above, or register for or log in to My Vodafone or through the My Vodafone app for iOS/Android. If you're not registered or forgotten your password, give us a call instead
  2. Tap ‘Account Settings’, then tap 'Call settings' (If you’re using the My Vodafone app or your phone’s web browser, tap the menu button  in the top corner of the page and then tap ‘Account settings’)
  3. Your PUK code is listed at the top of the page

You'll have a maximum of 10 attempts to enter your PUK correctly, so be careful.

  1. Enter your PUK into your phone when asked
  2. You’ll be asked to enter a new PIN code, and repeat it to confirm (your PIN needs to be between 4 and 8 digits long)

Not prompted for your PUK on your Motorola or Sagem?

You'll need to enter your PUK with this sequence:

star star 05 star [PUK] star [NEW PIN] star [NEW PIN]

What happens if I've entered my PUK code incorrectly?

After 10 wrong attempts, your SIM will be permanently blocked. You'll need to get a replacement SIM to continue using your mobile number.

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