Video calls don’t work

Having trouble making or receiving video calls?

There are two types of video calls that you can make from phones – ones that use our network video calling facility and ones that just use the internet. This article talks about problems establishing a network video call on 3G.

If you’re making an internet video call through FaceTime for iPhone or an app like Skype, make sure your phone's internet connection is working and then check the developer’s site for help.

Troubleshooting checklist

Compatible phones

Are you and the person you’re trying to video call both using compatible phones?

Even some of the newest smartphones don’t offer network video calling but use internet based video calling instead. Eg. the iPhone uses FaceTime for video calling which only works for video calls to other FaceTime users.

If either of you has an incompatible phone, internet based video calling apps are available for most smartphones. Skype and Google+ Hangouts are popular choices and both have apps that work on a variety of devices.


Are both of your phones connected to 3G with good signal? Video calling relies on having a good 3G data connection so better reception means a better experience.

If you’re having issues with coverage, or your phone displays SOS, no service or emergency calls only, run through our troubleshooting guide for some additional tips.


Are both the front and back cameras functioning on your phone? If you’re not sure, try taking a picture with both cameras to make sure they’re working.

Active service

Check that you’re both able to make and receive voice calls and send picture messages so you know your services are working ok.

Video calls to other numbers

Are you able to make video calls to other numbers? If so it’s likely to be an issue with the person you’re video calling. Check with them to make sure video calling is provisioned with their carrier and that there aren’t any restrictions on their service.


Are you trying to make a call to another country or are you overseas using international roaming? Not all overseas service providers support network video calls so you may want to try internet-based video calling through apps like Skype or Facetime for iPhone.

Still not working?

Get in touch and we’ll try find a solution.


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