PXT I send aren’t received

What to do if PXT you send aren’t getting through

If people aren't getting your PXT it's most likely they aren't actually being sent. Take a look at our unable to send PXT guide for help.

Things to check at your end

Is it just certain people or everyone?

If it's everyone, your phone might not be setup properly.

Are you sending to the right mobile number/email address?

If everything else's OK, this might be the issue.

Sending internationally?

Sending PXT overseas (or from overseas) can be a little different for some countries. See our support page for more info.

Get the receiver to check

Do they have data turned on?

PXT, on most phones, need to have a mobile data connection (not Wi-Fi) to send and receive PXT.

Do they have reception?

Get them to check that they have reception, and their account isn't restricted or barred. Ask them to contact their provider if they need any help with it.

Can they get PXT from other people?

If they've never used PXT before, get them to check their phone and account are setup properly.

Can they use data for other things?

Check they can use data generally. If not, their phone probably isn't setup correctly.

Is their inbox full?

Just like email, a full message inbox can stop incoming PXT.

Weren't using their phone for a while?

If their phone was off or not in service for 3 days or longer, the PXT will have expired and won't be delivered. See our support article for more info.


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