Premium SMS

Premium SMS (or TXT) are charged at a higher rate than standard SMS, to pay for a product or service. These charges are either added to your Vodafone bill or deducted from your prepaid credit.
Services billed by Premium SMS are provided by 3rd party companies, not by us. You can visit the site to find the contact details for a Premium SMS service provider.

How much it costs

Premium SMS charges are set by the provider. They're generally between $0.55 and $6.60. You can check the cost of a premium service number at Here's how they're charged:

  • MyMix, Combo and Pay As You Go Plus recharges: You’ll need My Credit to use Premium SMS.  Note: You’re unable to use Bonus Credit for Premium SMS
  • Cap or Flexi Cap recharge - Premium SMS are unavailable on these recharges.
  • Other prepaid recharges - It'll come out of your flexible credit

How it works

Premium SMS can be used to purchase products or services, vote in polls, enter competitions and make donations to a range of selected charities.

For voting in a TV show you might send a message with a keyword from your mobile phone to a Premium SMS short code. These codes begin with 19 and are 6 or 8 digits long. You may also find Premium SMS is used for purchases through websites (eg. credits for an online game). For some, you'll need to enter your mobile number online and are sent a free SMS from a 19 short code. To complete the purchase, the message will ask you to either send a reply or enter a code from the message into the online page.

Subscription services

Vodafone don't provide access to subscription Premium SMS services.

What types of services are billed via Premium SMS?

Some examples of services billed via Premium SMS include:

  • TV Voting
  • Competition entry
  • Sports scores
  • SMS chat
  • News and weather
  • Mobile content purchases e.g. games or ringtones (one off purchases)
  • Financial/stock information
  • Exam result services
  • Psychic and horoscope services
  • Purchase of credits for online games and social networking applications
  • Charitable donations

Important information

  • If you have any difficulties with a service billed by Premium SMS, you should raise it with the Premium SMS provider directly. You can find contact details at
  • If you're unable to resolve an issue with a premium service provider, please contact us for assistance
  • A reminder message should be sent by the provider each time you spend $30 on a premium service. You can also check your usage at anytime through My Vodafone

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