Data Add-ons for prepaid

If you’re on a prepaid phone recharge, a Data Add-on can give you extra data to use for web surfing, apps, email, tethering or anything else you like.

How do I buy one?

You’ll need to be within the expiry period of your recharge. If you’ve got that covered, here’s how you can buy them:


You can buy add-ons online through Express Recharge, or the My Vodafone app using a credit/debit card, PayPal, or your My Credit balance. Click the button below to get one now and remember to restart your phone to begin using your add-on.

Recharge now


Before you start

You’ll need to have registered a credit/debit card to your prepaid service, or have sufficient My Credit balance to buy a Data Add-on via TXT. 

Step 1

Send a TXT to 1511 with the keyword for the Data Add-on you’re after:


1 Day

7 Days

28 Days







Data to use in Oz













Eg. to get the $15 Data Add-on, TXT DATA15 to 1511.

Step 2

You’ll receive a TXT from 1511 showing the price and inclusions of the Data Add-on you selected.

Follow the prompts in the TXT to reply and complete the purchase.

Step 3

Restart your phone to start using your Add-on.


Recharge voucher

You can also get selected Data Add-ons by purchasing the following recharge vouchers from a Vodafone store or retail outlet:

When you’re ready to redeem it, you can do this onlineby TXT, or by calling 1511 and then restart your phone to start using your Add-on

Note: If you’ve bought a recharge voucher with a different value, use it to top up your My Credit, and then purchase the add-on online or via TXT using your My Credit balance.


Questions and answers

How does the expiry period work?

Add-ons have their own expiry period which is separate to the expiry date of your recharge. Included data is only available to use while you’re within the expiry period of your add-on.

Can I rollover unused data?

You can rollover data if you recharge with another Prepaid Data Add-on with the same expiry period before it expires (eg. you can rollover unused data from a 28 day Data Add-on to another 28 day Data Add-on). The unused data will take on the expiry date of the new add-on.

Unexpired data in your add-on won’t rollover if you buy an add-on with a different expiry period. (Eg. you can’t rollover data from a 7 day Data Add-on to a 28 day Data Add-on and vice versa. Instead, you’ll have two separate Data Add-ons to use)

Will the data in my recharge or add-on be used first?

Once you purchase an add-on or a recharge, remember to restart your phone. Your add-on’s data will be used before the data in your recharge. Once your add-on expires or runs out of data, your data usage then gets taken from the included data in your recharge. After you consume your recharge plan data inclusions, your data usage will be charged from your My Credit.

If I've got two or more Data Add-ons active, which will be used first?

If you’ve bought two or more Data Add-ons and they have different expiry periods, they’ll be used in this order regardless of their individual expiry dates:

  1. Daily Data Add-on
  2. 7 days Data Add-ons
  3. 28 days Data Add-ons

Are Data Add-ons available on all prepaid recharges?

If you're on a MyMix, Combo, Pay As You Go Plus, 365 Day or Prepaid Cap recharge you'll have access to the full range of prepaid add-ons.

If you're on a different phone recharge, you can buy $5, $10 and $15 add-ons.

Note: Add-ons aren't available on prepaid mobile broadband.

More info

  • When you’re checking your balance, the Data Add-on will be referred to as a ‘Data Booster’
  • Data Add-ons aren’t available on prepaid mobile broadband
  • All add-ons are for use within Australia only and can’t be used while international roaming
  • Data is deducted in per KB increments
  • Add-ons are not for commercial or resale purposes
  • For full details about the add-ons, check out the prepaid terms and conditions

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