Why aren’t TXT messages I send being received?

Troubleshooting message delivery issues

If you’re able to send TXT/SMS but the recipient isn’t getting them, run through the troubleshooting guide below for a solution.

If you’re trying to send a text message but you’re receiving an error or the message just sits in the outbox and won’t send, check out ‘Can’t send TXT messages'.


Check for outages

Check the Network Status page to see if there are any known network issues that might be causing the problem.

Check it was successfully sent

Go into your messages and check that the TXT was successfully sent.

If it’s still sending or sending failed, switch your phone off and back on and try again. If it still won’t send, check out our support page.

Send yourself a TXT

Check that you can receive TXT you’re sending to yourself. This will indicate whether the problem is affecting all TXT you send or just to other recipients.

Recipient’s phone

There may be an issue with the recipient’s phone or service. Here are a few things that they should do:

  • Restart their phone
  • Check that they can receive TXT from other numbers
  • Check that their provider isn’t experiencing any network issues
  • Check that their messages inbox isn’t full

Mobile number

Check that the mobile number you’re sending TXT to is entered correctly.

If your TXT is to an international number or you’re sending a message while international roaming, make sure it’s entered in international format.

International TXT

If you’re sending a TXT to an international number, check to make sure we’ve got TXT connectivity with the network in the country you’re sending to.

Some international networks have difficulty receiving messages greater than 160 characters, so try keeping your TXT under the limit.

Check when the message was sent

TXT are only valid for three days, so if the recipient’s phone was off or out of coverage during this time, the message won’t be delivered.

iPhones and iMessage

If you’re using an iPhone, is the message enclosed in a blue bubble?

This indicates that the message was sent over the internet to another iPhone user as an iMessage rather than an SMS. You’ll need to make sure that mobile data or Wi-Fi is switched on and working on both your phones. If you need further help, check out Apple’s iMessage troubleshooting guide.

If the recipient is having trouble receiving your iMessages, you can send them via SMS instead. Here’s how to do it:

  • For an undelivered iMessage, tap and hold the message and select Send as Text Message
  • If you’d prefer to only send messages via SMS, go to Settings > Messages and toggle iMessage to off
  • You can also opt to automatically send messages as SMS when iMessage is unavailable by going to Settings > Messages and toggling Send as SMS to on

Next steps

If you've checked everything above and your TXT messages still aren't being received, get in touch. If you’re able to provide the following, it’ll help us investigate:

  • Your device model
  • The street address/es where the problem is happening
  • The time and date the issue first started (state if it’s AM/PM, and to the closest minute if you can)
  • Do you know of any other Vodafone users that are experiencing the same problem in your area?
  • Any other information that you think could be helpful


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