Switching between numbers in My Vodafone

If you’ve got more than one mobile service attached to the same billing account, you can log into My Vodafone with one number and view settings and usage info for the others. You’ll just need to know your 4 digit account enquiry PIN to confirm you're authorised to view info about all numbers on the account.

How to do it

Step 1

Log into your account at myvodafone.com.au or through the My Vodafone app (iOS and Android).

Note: We’ll automatically log you in when you're connected to Vodafone internet. If the number you’re trying to switch to is on a different billing account to the one you’re logged in as, try this link instead.

Step 2

After logging in, click on the mobile number you’re signed in as.

Select number

Step 3

Enter your 4 digit PIN and click ‘Next’.

Enter PIN

Step 4

Select the number you want to switch to and then click ‘Switch service’.

Switch service


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