Registering for My Vodafone

If you need to access your My Vodafone account from a device that isn't using your Vodafone internet connection, register for My Vodafone to set up a password that you can use to log in from anywhere. 

Register for My Vodafone

Having trouble registering?

Check out the troubleshooting topics below for a solution.

Already registered

If you’re already registered and have simply forgotten your password, click here to reset it

Wrong mobile number

Make sure you’re entering your Vodafone mobile number correctly (i.e. start with the '04' and enter all 10 digits). If you’re trying to register a mobile broadband service and don’t know its number, check out support page.

Retrieving the temporary password

The temporary password is sent in a TXT message to the device that the SIM card for your Vodafone service is in.

If you’re using a mobile broadband device and need help retrieving it, check out our support page.

Apple iPads

Because iPads can’t retrieve the temporary password that’s sent via TXT message during registration, you won’t be able to use one to register. For more info, check out ‘My Vodafone for tablets’.

Saving your password

If you’ve made it through most of the registration process but the system won’t let you save your password, make sure it adheres to these rules:

  • Must be between 8 and 16 characters long
  • Must contain at least one number
  • Must contain at least one uppercase character
  • Must contain at least one lowercase character
  • Must not contain your mobile number, email address or your name (first or last)

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