Change the ring time before an incoming call diverts

When you set up a call diversion to Voicemail or another number, by default your phone will ring for 15 seconds before the call diverts. You can make it longer or shorter online with My Vodafone:

Change diversion settings now


Changing your ring time in My Vodafone

  1. Click the button above, or log into your account through the My Vodafone app (iOS/Android) or at
  2. Tap 'Account Settings', then tap 'Call settings'. If you’re using the My Vodafone app or your phone’s web browser, you'll find 'Account settings' in the menu  in the top left or right corner of the page.
  3. Scroll down the page to the 'When unanswered' section.
  4. Change 'Activate after' to 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 seconds
  5. Tap 'Save Changes'

Changing ring time directly from your phone

You can also dial GSM codes from your phone to adjust your <delay time>, which can be ‘5’, ‘10’, ‘15’, ‘20’ or ‘25’ seconds.

To change the ring time for a Voicemail diversion

Asterisk Asterisk 61 Asterisk +61414121000 Asterisk Asterisk <delay time> Hash SEND/CALL (Call icon)

For example, to set your ring time to 25 seconds, enter:

Asterisk Asterisk 61 Asterisk +61414121000 Asterisk Asterisk 25 Hash SEND/CALL (Call icon)


If you’re diverting calls to another number

Asterisk Asterisk 61 Asterisk <phone number in international format> Asterisk Asterisk <delay time> Hash SEND/CALL (Call icon)

For example, if you’re forwarding calls to 0426320000 and want to set a ring time of 25 seconds, enter:

Asterisk Asterisk 61 Asterisk +61426320000 Asterisk Asterisk 25 Hash SEND/CALL (Call icon)


Note: to type a '+', on most phones you'll need to either press and hold the key labelled with ‘+’ or press it twice quickly.


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