Listen to your Voicemail


From your mobile, call 121 to listen to your voicemail messages.

If you're on your Vodafone mobile now:

Call 121


Getting your voicemail from a different phone

You can listen to your Voicemail from any other phone by dialling:

0414 121 121

Once connected:

  1. Press ‘asteresk
  2. Enter your mobile number (starting with '04') and press ‘Hash
  3. Enter your voicemail security code and press ‘Hash

Getting voicemail while roaming overseas

In most countries you can call 121 from your phone as you do in Australia.

If you find 121 doesn't work, you'll be able to call:

+61414 121 121


Options while listening

You can key ahead with these options while listening to messages:


Call return


Repeat the current message


Save the current message for 7 days


Delete the current message


Rewind 3 seconds


Pause (press any key to continue)


Listen to the time and date stamp for the current message


Skip to the next message


Main Menu

Note: Call return (the '0' option) is only available when you’ve dialled 121 or 0414 121 121 (it won’t work when answering a call from your Voicemail).

Got an iPhone?

You can manage voicemail directly from your iPhone by activating Visual Voicemail.

Important info

  • Once you delete a message, it will be permanently erased and cannot be retrieved
  • New voicemail messages and saved messages expire after 7 days. If you need to keep a message, you can re-save it for a further 7 days. Once expired it’s permanently erased and can’t be recovered
  • If you ’re asked for your voicemail security code but have forgotten it, contact us and we’ll reset it for you
  • Your voicemail service can hold up to 20 messages

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