Join Vodafone Prepaid

Connecting to Vodafone prepaid is easy but there are a few things to think about beforehand. Coverage, what device you’ll be using, what recharge you want and what ID you’ll need are all important factors so have a read through the guides below to make sure you've covered off all bases.


  • Get a new phone – If you need a new phone, check our range of prepaid phones to see what’s available
  • Bring your own phone – if you’ve already got a phone then you’re welcome to use it on the network too. Some phones are locked to other carriers so it’s worth checking this beforehand. It’s also a good idea to check that your phone is compatible with all the different mobile frequencies used on our network so that you maximise your coverage


To make sure that you'll have all the bars in the areas that you need, use our coverage maps.

Plan and add-ons

Check out our prepaid recharges to find one that best suits your usage.

You can also get add-ons for your recharge if you need more data, national or international talk time.


When you connect we’ll need some ID. Check our documentation requirements beforehand to see what you’ll need to join.

Get a starter pack

If you’ve got all of the above covered, the next step is to get a starter pack.

  • Online – if you’ve already got a phone to use, head to our prepaid plans page to get a SIM starter pack. If you need both phone and SIM, check out our prepaid phone starter packs in the online store
  • In store – starter packs are available from your nearest Vodafone store, or one of the 20,000 other outlets that stock our products across Australia including supermarkets, newsagencies and service stations.

Want to use your old number?

If you’ve got an active mobile service in your name with another carrier, you can port the number across to your new Vodafone service when you activate your starter pack. Have a read through our porting page if you’ve got any questions about the process or what you’ll need to get your number across.

Getting started

Once you’ve got your starter pack, activated it and inserted the SIM into your phone, have a look through our getting started guide.

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