What's my phone number?

Make a call or send a TXT

The easiest way to check your number is to call or TXT another phone. The number will show up on the screen of the other phone.

Other things you can try

There's a few other ways you can find your number:

  • iPhone - under settings, go to 'phone'. You'll find your phone number at the top of the page
  • Android - Go to settings, scroll down to and tap 'about phone'. Tap 'status' and scroll down to find your phone number
  • My Vodafone - Go to My Vodafone from your phone, and you'll be automatically logged in. Go there now, you'll find your mobile number at the top of the first page

If you're not able to find your number with these methods, get in touch and we'll help you track down your number.

Got a mobile broadband service?

If you use a Pocket WiFi, USB modem or tablet go to our guide to find your mobile broadband number.



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