Using mobile data in Australia and overseas

This support article will show you how to set up mobile data on your device. Mobile data is used to access the internet through our network.

Most phones and tablets are automatically set up for mobile data when you insert your Vodafone SIM. However, some devices may require you to configure your device settings before you can use mobile data.

How to set up mobile data to use in Australia.

You can set up mobile data on your device using our mobile configurator. This contains the mobile data settings for most devices, which are sent directly to your phone via text message, or provided to you with step-by-step instructions to enter manually.

For more information, check out our APN settings support page.

How to manage data roaming to use overseas and in regional Australia.

Data roaming allows you to access the internet while roaming overseas or connected to our regional network. You can find how to manage data roaming on your phone using our device guides.

When mobile data is disabled on your device, you’ll only be able to access the internet when connected to WiFi. You also won’t be able to send or receive MMS.

Additional information.

What’s the difference between mobile data and WiFi?

Mobile data uses the Vodafone network to access the internet and is deducted from the included data in your plan or prepaid recharge.

When your device is connected to a WiFi network, you’ll access the internet using your WiFi connection. Using WiFi doesn’t use the included data on your plan or prepaid recharge.

When you have WiFi enabled on your device, most smartphones will automatically connect to any saved WiFi networks when they come into range. If you move out of range, or if the WiFi signal is weak or gets interrupted, your device will automatically switch back to using mobile data.

How do I restrict mobile data access when sharing data with other plans?

If you’re sharing your data with other plans, you can use the Data Control feature in My Vodafone to restrict access to the data pool.


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