Switching from postpaid to prepaid

You can transfer your number from Vodafone postpaid to prepaid by getting in touch. It’s free to transfer to prepaid if you’re not in contract. If you’re still in contract you’ll be charged an early termination fee.

How it works

  1. Your mobile number is transferred to a prepaid account so you can keep the same number
  2. You also get to keep the same SIM card
  3. Once the transfer is complete, recharge your prepaid account and continue using your Vodafone service. If you won't be using your new prepaid account for a while, recharge on Pay As You Go Plus to avoid losing your number in the short-term

What you need to know before you make the switch:

  • Only the account holder can request a transfer from postpaid to prepaid
  • Transfers are completed on the day you call Vodafone and we can't set them for a future date
  • If you’re paying off a phone with a Mobile Payment Plan or accessories with an Accessory Payment plan, this can't be transferred to the prepaid account. The balance will be charged to your final bill after the transfer to prepaid is complete.
  • Your postpaid Voicemail box will be deleted during the transfer. Messages stored in your Voicemail box, your personal greeting and Voicemail settings won't be transferred to your prepaid Voicemail service. Make sure you retrieve all your Voicemail messages before making the switch to prepaid
  • If you’re using your phone during the transfer, your call might be disconnected and there might be a short period where your service isn't available
  • The transfer process uses your existing postpaid SIM card so we can't transfer your postpaid number onto a new prepaid starter pack
  • We can't transfer monthly billed mobile broadband services to prepaid. To join prepaid mobile broadband, you’ll need to buy and activate a new prepaid mobile broadband starter pack that comes with a new service number

What to do once you've switched.

  • You’ll need to recharge your account within 90 days of the transfer being complete. You can find more information about how to recharge and recharge options on our Vodafone prepaid page.
  • If you want to use Voicemail, you’ll need to re-record your Voicemail greeting and settings by dialling 121
  • We'll issue a final bill for your postpaid account on the next billing date after your transfer to prepaid

What happens to My Vodafone?

You won't have any access to your postpaid My Vodafone account after you switch to prepaid. Once the transfer is complete you’ll need to re-register on My Vodafone to access your prepaid account online.



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