Finding your enquiry PIN or Password

Forgotten your enquiry PIN or password?

If you're the account holder, the simplest way to get your PIN is to give us a call, or visit a Vodafone store with ID.

What is the PIN used for?

If you contact us, we’ll ask you to confirm your PIN to make sure you’re authorised to access the account. This ensures all your personal details are kept safe and secure.

Your account PIN is also required for sections of My Vodafone where we need to confirm authorisation.

The right PIN for the job

Your account is separated into 3 levels. Each can have a separate PIN.

Account structure

The PIN will be the same across all three levels unless you've requested otherwise. You're able to change the PIN at any level though. This is most often done to allow access to the account by someone else, but only to a limited extent:

Installed Asset PIN:

IA When quoted, information or changes can only be made to the mobile service that the PIN relates to. If there's more than one service on the account, each can have a different PIN. Quoting this PIN will allow you to, for example, change voicemail diversions or enquire about usage related to this specific service only.

Billing account PIN:

BA When quoted, allows all access the installed asset PIN granted, plus information relating to the billing account. This includes payment, billing and collections information.

Customer account PIN:


When quoted, gives access to all of the information held about the account, including all access granted by the installed asset and billing account PINs.

Certain transactions can still only be performed by the account holder, but this PIN gives access to everything else.

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