Upgrade/get a new device on a plan

Phone upgrades

If you’re on a monthly billed phone plan and want to get a new phone, click the button below to log into the online upgrades system:

Upgrade my phone

You can also upgrade by calling us or visiting a Vodafone store.

Tablet and mobile broadband upgrades

If you’re on a monthly billed tablet or mobile broadband plan, you’ll need to call us or visit a Vodafone store to upgrade.

When am I’m eligible to upgrade?

If you’re upgrading your phone, log into the phone upgrades system and we’ll let you know if you’re eligible. You can also get this info from the Manage My Plan page in My Vodafone.

Manage My Plan

If you’re currently in contract, you’ll become eligible to upgrade without an early upgrade fee when your contract ends. If you don’t know when your contract ends or just want to discuss early upgrade options, get in touch.

Is there a cost to upgrade?

The cost will depend on which plan and device you choose.

If you're currently in contract an early upgrade fee may apply, but we'll let you know about any costs before you go ahead.

Can I get a new device without starting a new contract?

If you don’t want to start a new contract, you may be able to get a new device on a Mobile Payment Plan and pay it off in monthly instalments instead.

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone and don’t see options to add a Mobile Payment Plan when logged into the phone upgrades system, get in touch and we’ll check your eligibility.

Do I get to keep my old device after upgrading?

Yes, it’s yours to keep and do with as you please.

If your old phone is broken or of no use, find out how to recycle it.



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