Finding your mobile broadband mobile number

Your mobile broadband service has its own mobile number, just like the SIM in your mobile phone.

You'll be given your mobile number when you first connect your service. Even though you're not using the SIM for calls, you might need the mobile number to pay your account, or manage it online with My Vodafone. Quoting it when you contact us makes finding your account a bit easier as well.

How to find your number

Use My Vodafone from a connected device

My Vodafone will automatically log you in when you're using your mobile broadband service.

If you're already reading this from your mobile broadband service, go to My Vodafone now to be logged in automatically. You'll find your mobile number at the top of the first page.

Send yourself a TXT

By sending a TXT from your mobile broadband device to your phone, you'll see the number it's come from.

Most prepaid mobile broadband recharges include an allocation of TXT as well, and you can send TXT from a monthly billed mobile broadband account as a cost of 25c.

Pocket WiFi

USB Modem

If the device you’re using can’t send TXT (an iPad for example), you could take the SIM out, put it in a compatible phone and send a TXT from there.

From your bill (monthly accounts only)

If you've got five or less services on your bill, you can locate the numbers for any mobile broadband services in the ‘Bill Summary’ section on the front page of the bill.

Front page

If you've got more than five services on the same bill, check the ‘Summary of service’ in the ‘This bill’ section.

This bill

Still need help? Get in touch

If you can’t find your number using the methods above, get in touch and we’ll help track it down.

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